Country Western Weddings —What’s Not to Love?

(Part 1)

Country Western Weddings What's Not to Love?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life. It should be an unforgettable experience, with memories that will last a lifetime and stories to tell for hopefully generations to come. We know that lots of people love the idea of more “traditional” weddings, but if you’re reading this, probably not you.

Good for you. We congratulate you on wanting your wedding to suit who you are, and not something based on an idea of what you think you should do.

Or perhaps you’ve known since you were little that you wanted a wedding that was more relaxed, comfortable, and fun than walking around in clothes and shoes that you may never wear again, feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

If you’re still deciding or want some more things to consider if you already have decided, lets go over the pros and cons of an outdoor country western wedding:

1. Comfort.

This has got to be one of THE most important things to consider on your wedding day. If you aren’t feeling like you can move around easily and enjoy your time, you’re missing out on being as relaxed as possible on a day where you’re celebrating something as important as standing before with friends, family, and God making a lifelong vow to each other. We’ll go more into the ways your outfit can look great and be as comfortable.

2. Most Clothes Can Be Re-Worn.

While women may have on a dress that is specifically for their special day, there is no reason that other accessories have to be. For example, shoes can be really expensive. There are other choices for what you wear on your wedding day— they don’t have to be a pair you may wear once or twice and then throw into a closet or attic. For men, they can oftentimes have most of or even an entire outfit that can be worn over and over again.

3.​ Everyone Needs at Least One Pair of Boots.

Amen! Having at least one pair of boots are always going to come in handy, wedding boots are a perfect choice! They are more than likely going to cost less than fancy shoes, and instead of sitting in the back of that closet or attic, you can wear them and be reminded of your special day over and over again. And wedding boots aren’t just available for women—men can have nice boots as well for the ceremony.

4.​Outdoor / Rustic Venues Have a More Natural Calm Feel.

You know that given the choice you’d most likely rather be outdoors. Even if you don’t work outdoors, you appreciate how good it feels, how calming it is, to be in a natural environment with beautiful scenery around you. Spending your wedding day in some hotel ballroom just isn’t the same.

5. ​Many Ways to Celebrate: Vintage, Antique, Down to Earth, Traditional.

There are so many ways to celebrate your special day, and having everything brand-new isn’t always necessary or desirable. Oftentimes having things that been around a while can make the day feel more comfortable for you and everyone else. Knowing that family and friends are there without having to act all overly formal sounds much better than all that wasted effort. A good mix of vintage / traditional with items that are new to make new traditions can help make lifetime memories. It’s a matter of getting things you want because you want them, not because you’re “supposed” to.

6.​ Outdoor / Farm Weddings and Receptions Have Their Advantages.

Relaxing, warm, and welcoming, venues like a farm wedding with a barnyard reception combines beautiful scenery, & a laid back atmosphere at a generally more reasonable cost than a traditional indoor venue.

Come visit us at the upcoming wedding show here in Raleigh August 11-12, 2018 to find out more about our fitting parties to help make sure bride, groom and everyone in your party looks and feels great!