Worth the Trip to Find the Right Western Boot

Western Boot Style

A good fitting pair of boots, from a western boot to a good steel toe work boot should become as comfortable as an old friend, and you’ll likely spend more time with them than many of the most important people in your life.

And when looking, online is the place most of us go nowadays. In 2017, 79% of us have shopped online and for most things we get it’s great. It’s comfortable to sit at our desks or look on our phones, click or tap a few links and have a package show up at our door.

But, unless I am sure of what I am looking for, there are certain things I won’t tend to get online because unless I know exactly what I’m getting and can be sure of the fit, because it can be much more trouble than it’s worth.

One good example is boots.

Getting something this important by looking at computer screen and taking a guess isn’t necessarily a great idea. For one thing different manufacturers can size the same size number slightly differently both with the length and the width.

Also, if you aren’t sure exactly what they should feel like when they are the right fit can make it difficult to know for sure when you try them on whether they’ll actually feel more comfortable in six months or they will hurt your feet and back when you wear them. And even if you do realize they aren’t quite right or you notice a possible defect, you can’t just ask the person who’s selling them to you to get pair, stretch them if need be, another size or try a different style. You’ll have to send them back and guess again. Whether the seller pays the postage or not, it’s you that has to get in the car, drive to the post office or UPS store, drop off the box, track to be sure it got there, look to be sure your money was refunded, and then possibly start the process all over again with the next pair.

If you're looking online though and have an idea of what you're after—western boot, wedding boot, steel toe boot or some other style, we invite you to give us a call to help you figure out what the best boot would be for you. You won't be getting in touch with a call center where the person answering the phone has at best a passing knowledge of boots and western wear, you'll talk to people who live and work in their boots—day after day, month after month, year after year.

Here at Tracie’s Boots and Buckles, Tracie has helping people get into the right pair of boots for over 20 years, boots that will feel better and better the longer they wear them. We invite you to come on in and try on your next pair of boots knowing they —and we—will be here for you now and down the line.