Wedding Boots

Wedding BootsYour wedding day should be the one of the most fun and most memorable days of your life—and here’s why wedding boots are a perfect fit to help make it that way.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, memorable experience with friends and family what do you want to remember? A day where you were busy trying to look and act like some stiff version of someone you aren’t? Wearing shoes you likely paid a fortune for, shoes that you probably only wore one or twice that are now sitting in a closet, basement, or attic somewhere?

Or… do you want to remember feeling relaxed, comfortable, looking great but also being yourself? How about how great you felt wearing your comfortable, stylish, statement-making wedding boots—boots that you’ll have years later? Boots that every time you put on remind you of that special day?

Wedding Dress Wedding BootsWhether you are getting married in a rustic barn setting or a five star hotel, a bride in a beautiful cowgirl boots wedding dress combination and a classy looking guy in a tux or nice jeans and vest (and wedding cowboy boots of their own) are sure to make great memories that will last a lifetime.

Tracie has been helping brides, grooms, and wedding parties get into the boots of their dreams for years. We offer after hours fitting parties and discount packages for the whole wedding party and the guests. We can dress the guys from head to toe for your rustic venues with our great selection of jeans, shirts and vests. We even can put you in a nice fur felt hat for that full-fledged western wedding!

Call us today at 919-570-0088 to find out more and schedule your own fitting party.

Get all the details on our wedding discount packages and all we have to offer you for this wonderful day! It’s your day; make it your day with a great looking pair of cowboy boots!

And congratulations from Tracie and the gang to you!