Cowboy Boots - Where it All Started

Tracie's Boots and Buckles—Cowboy Boots Raleigh Wake ForestCowboy boots, that’s where it all started. Tracie has always had a love for boots.  That is what drew her to this industry. Before starting Tracie’s Boots and Buckles, she worked at a local boot store in Raleigh for 15 years learning everything she could about the industry, especially all about boots and how they should fit.  She loved working with customers and the satisfaction it brought her to help people. She could see it on their faces when they left the store, and when so many came back over and over as well as sending friends, coworkers, and family because of the quality of the boots and what they said was the exceptional personalized service she gave.

Boots Should be Comfortable

There are so many people walking around with boots that don’t fit properly, and think that is just the way it is supposed to be. They’ve mistakenly come to believe that they hurt your feet, that that’s just the way it is.  They haven’t come to see Tracie yet.  Once Tracie works with someone to find just the right pair of boots for them they realize how comfortable they can actually be, and how much they will want to wear them every day.  
The truth is, once you slide into a pair of great fitting boots your whole attitude changes.  Boots are actually really functional and comfortable footwear that you can wear for any occasion no matter what you’re doing—like riding horses, working, just going out on the town, dancing, going to see a country concert, even getting married in.  Great fitting cowboy boots can and will make you feel like a million bucks.  We look forward to you visiting Tracie’s Boots and Buckles soon so Tracie can help you can get into the boots that are just right for you.