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The Most Compfortable Work Boots

How do you know which to choose?

The answer isn’t always clear and the boots made by the better quality manufacturers like the brands we carry know this.

We wanted to go into a little more detail on this to describe the best & most comfortable work boots for your needs and situations. There are many brands and styles like ones we carry—Carolina, Redback, Ariat, Justin Work, Tony Lama, Avenger, Nautilus, Twisted X and Wolverine to choose from.

For example, some of the Ariat, Wolverine, Avenger and Nautilus work boot brands have 30 day test drives to determine if they will work out for you in the long run. We are here to help you make the best choices to help ensure the ones you get are the ones you’ll want to keep.  

Some are waterproof which is great for a wet environment. They are built to last so you can be confident that you’ll wear them in enough that they are really comfortable but take a long time to wear out.  

The ones that aren’t waterproof are good for those hot summer days so your feet won't sweat so much. For example, the Ariat Ventec work boots have vents in the upper to help keep your feet cool and dry. Let us know what you need them for and we’ll help make sure you have the right type the first time.

Avenger and Nautilus and the less expensive wolverines are price point boots for people who don't want to spend a lot on boots, or if you know you’ll wear them out more quickly.  

We all know boots wear over time and that’s to be expected. But if there is a structural defect, most of the work boots we carry have warranties against manufacturer defects for different time periods depending on the manufacturer. Again, we’ll be happy to let you know which ones.  

All of the work boots should be slip rated and most of them have oil resistant soles.  

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