Country Western Weddings

We were at a wedding show in the country recently letting people know about our Tracie’s Boots and Buckles western wear store. More than once, someone came up to us and asked why we weren't dressed in a tux and wedding gown. One person even commented that we wouldn't be getting much interest from people wanting a wedding if we didn't do a better job of "dressing the part."

Country Western Wedding"Dressing the part" for what kind of wedding? We know many folks want all that and we think it's great. Marriage is a big commitment and the ceremony should be memorable and meaningful to the people getting married. But there are other folks around here who just don't feel right getting all buttoned up in clothes they'd never wear otherwise with everything from shirts and dresses to footwear that feel stiff and uncomfortable. They’d rather be relaxed and enjoying one of the most important days of their lives with friends and loved ones, looking good and feeling great. Country western weddings where the groom has a great vest, nice shirt, nice blue jeans and cowboy wedding boots. Brides who may want to wear a beautiful dress but would much rather be wearing beautiful wedding boots she can wear again and again instead of uncomfortable shoes that will most likely go in a closet somewhere to be forgotten.

Country Western Weddings bridesmaidsTracie has been in the business for over 20 years and people who know us and come back on a regular basis know we are all about western wear, and we wouldn’t change that for anything. When it comes to country western weddings, we have everything a groom needs and boots for the bride. We can also host comfortable, relaxed western wedding theme fitting parties after hours so that you have our undivided attention. We have special pricing for bride and groom boots as well as for those in your party.

Give us a call today at (919) 570-0088 to answer your questions and let Tracie’s Boots and Buckles make your special day unforgettable.

Wedding Bride and Father"I wanted to say thank you everyone at Tracie's Boots and Buckles for being a part of my wedding ! Thank you for hooking up all of the groomsmen and my daddy with Ariat button down shirts / jeans, and for the Justin boots !! Everyone looked great and I highly recommend everyone coming here for their wedding / everyday needs. Thank you again !!" —Laurel H., Louisburg NC


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